Who Offers Asphalt Seal Coating in Abilene, TX?

King Construction & Asphalt will restore the appearance of your parking lot

Over time, your parking lot suffers from exposure to weather and daily use. As your surface looks worn down, consider asphalt seal coating. King Construction & Asphalt offers parking lot seal coating in the Abilene, Texas area.

Without seal coating, water will penetrate your asphalt’s surface. What starts as a crack can develop into a pothole. Restore your asphalt surface so it looks as good as it did when it was originally installed.

Asphalt seal coating uses an oil-based membrane to protect your lot. Schedule seal coating services in Abilene, TX by contacting King Construction & Asphalt today.

5 long-lasting benefits of asphalt seal coating

5 long-lasting benefits of asphalt seal coating

It’s important to take care of your asphalt every few years. There are various long-lasting benefits that come with asphalt seal coating, including:

  1. Extending the life of your asphalt
  2. Enhancing the appearance of your asphalt
  3. Slowing down the oxidation process
  4. Limiting the amount of water penetration
  5. Blocking out natural elements, such as rain, sun and ice

When you notice your lot turning gray, it’s a good time to schedule parking lot seal coating. Contact King Construction & Asphalt today for parking lot seal coating in Abilene, TX.